Life Coaching

Every successful person has a coach or a mentor. Life Coaching or Executive Coaching is a big part of what I do. If you are willing to set aside time per week I can coach you to success. I can help you get unstuck. I can help you challenge your assumptions. I help you change your life. I can coach you to success.

We can do it by phone or email. I coach people from as far as New Zealand . Cost $200 US per hour.

Special for Small Business/Direct Sales Marketers: $600.00 (Up to six persons)

Executive Coaching

While life coaching deals with your personal life. Executive Coaching deals with your business, your profession.

You want to build a big business, get a bigger account, out produce others, and start your own business. I have done it. I can help you create a name for your business, determine a niche for your business even launch you business. I can be a consultant with you for as long as you would like.

I read this saying along time ago and I am sharing it with you. It is will save you a lost of headache.Here it is:

“When embarking on a journey
never consult someone
who has never left home”

We have different programs for the busy professional.

Please indicate the program that best suit your needs.
If you are stuck I would love to place you on one of my three success TRACKS

1. FastTRACK. FastTrack is designed for the person on the move. Six week Intensive Coaching session - One hour per week. Cost $1,500.00

2. PaceTRACK. Six Coaching sessions spaced out over six months for the people who want to take time to work on their stuff. $1,700.00

3. ExecuTRACK. Once per week for a full year of coaching. Every successful person needs a coach, a mentor. $15,000.00


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