"and the women gather"

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There's a reason why this fabulous gathering of women tonight is called, appropriately, "and the women gather.''

We are going to hear and see, taste and smell, and most important, feel what happens when we come together with a common purpose.

We have done it for centuries, and all over the world. We have come together to harvest the grains in the field with which we would sustain our families. We have come together to make the quilts that kept them warm. We have come together when we haven't felt like it, but there was work to be done, miseries to be shared, and, mercifully, a good laugh to be had.

Tonight we will be reminded what really happens when the women gather:

When women gather their thoughts, we compose beautiful words as author Edwidge Danticat writes: "There is a place where women are buried in clothes the color of flames, where we drop coffee on the ground for those who went ahead, where the daughter is never fully a woman until her mother has passed on before her. There is a place where, if you listen closely in the night, you will hear your mother telling a story and at the end of the tale, she will ask you this question: "OU libere?'' Are you free, my daughter?''

When we gather our strength we win seats in the Senate - or Wimbledon.

And when we gather our courage, as did a shy, mousy widow named Katherine Graham, we can drive dishonest presidents from the cloistered seat of power.

And when we gather enough time and energy, we take events such as this from dream to reality.

This was Lorna Owens' idea. She saw women, friends - successful women - living lives without balance. Women who had "made it'' and whose insecurities kept them from making even more of it - or taking that figurative leap off a cliff.

Lorna knows what that's like. Lorna is a professional speaker who travels the country talking to corporations and groups of professional women. She encourages them to rise above mediocrity, to achieve their greatness.

Whether it is overcoming fear, stress or burnout, or simply changing your life, no one understands the process better than Lorna Owens. After all, she has reinvented herself from being an attorney to someone who is living her dreams. Lorna is on a fast rise to becoming a sought-after international speaker and author.

I'm going to let her tell more of her own story of transformation.
Lorna Owens.

---Nancy Ancrum, Editorial Board - Miami Herald

It came to me after coming home late one night from an evening of mediation. I had to continue the journey of changing and reinventing myself but the assigned was going to be bigger, global. I felt scared. Then the voice said I needed to take my message for change and creating balance to professionals all over the world. But immediately, I needed to do a fireside chat for women called "and the women gather."

I am so blessed I now travel around the world. I addition I am a highly sought after speaker by speaking bureau, and a variety of corporations and groups.

I have developed a CD called "Decision to Change" which outlines six simple steps to change. I decided to put most of my work on CD because I know we live very busy lives. The CD you can listen to at home, in your car, in the office or even in groups. My belief is, I do not care how you get it as long as you get it. So please pick up a copy of my CD and give a copy to a friend or colleagues.

But most of all come see me on the road, come on this journey with me. I will be coming to a town near you soon or you can bring me to a town. Just visit my website often as we update it regularly. Also I send out an E-zine once per month if you want to be on my mailing list. Just let us know.

---Lorna Owens, "and the women gather"

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